We are striving to achieve The Goal set forth by the Rebbe Rashab: “To create and establish a yeshiva for our youth under good supportive supervision – with Hashem help – that the students entire efforts will be in Torah and the service if Hashem, their physical needs will be greatly fulfilled, so that they will have no disturbance in their service, so that their hearts and minds will be fully engaged with their learning and service of Hashem.”

Values and Principles of the Yeshivah, and the Skills it strives to Develop:

  • לימוד התורה – להאיר אור – The approach to learning Nigleh and Chassidus be in a manner that they become a single entity and purpose.
  • עבודה שבלב – Divine service within the heart, intent  on developing a relationship with Hashem.
  • לידע את האמת, ניט נארין זיך, ניט נארין יענעם – Everything must be done with a full true heart, without fooling yourself or others.
  • פנימיות זהו תכלית הכוונה והיסוד המעמיד ומקיים הכל – A Pnimi knows where he stands. He internalizes things. His true desire is that his fulfilment of Mitzvos and Learning Torah be with a Chayos Pnimi.
  • גרונטיקע מענטשן – Develop students who will be well grounded.
  • ביטול … אוועקלייג צו אלקות – Avodah should be internalized so that it affects a Bittul, a subjugation to Elokus, bringing about a submission of materialistic instincts and nature.
  • דיינער ווי מיינער – אהבת ישראל – What’s mine is yours. The piece of bread that I have is YOURS just as much as it is mine.
  •  התקשרות לנשיא דורנו– Nurtures Talmidim in an environment infused with Hiskashrus to the Rebbe.  Hiskashrus is the foundation for the life of a Tomim.
  • אהבה ויראה – To develop a love for Hashem and be in total awe of Hashem’s greatness.
  • שמחה – To have a joyous disposition.
  • אתכפיא – Self Control and discipline. Training to govern our natural materialistic instincts.
  • מסירת נפש – The Yeshivah will give expression to the Baal Shem Tov’s path of self-sacrifice for the knowledge of Elokus and for love of a fellow Jew.
  • אלקות בפשיטות ומציאות בהתחדשות – The students should learn to see things from the perspective that Elokus is the obvious reality, while their own existence, and anything aside from Hashem is a novel perception.
  • הפצת המעיינות – To bring the love of Torah study and of Mitzvos, accompanied by Avodas Hashem and Ahavas Yisroel, to a broader spectrum of people.
  • אמת, אהבה, געטרייקייט, איבּערגעגעבּענקייט – The approach of the Yeshiva will be that the student is a child of the Yeshivah. The Love between students should be exemplary; the loyalty and devotion between the students and the administration is paramount
  • להיות יהודי שלם בגופו בנשמתו ובתורתו – It should be a place of education, where a student learns and experiences how to be a complete Jew, in Mitzvos, Davening, and Torah – so that all will recognize in him the connection of the three aspects: the Jew, the Torah, and Hashem.
  • להכין את עצמו ואת כל העולם כולו לקבלת פני משיח תיכף ומיד ממש –  The ultimate focus, goal, mision and vision of all the above, and of every part of a students day to day life is to prepare oneself,  surrounding, and effectively the entire world for the coming of Moshiach speedily.