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Our Vision

The Yeshiva endeavors, to achieve the Rebbe Rashab’s highly important mission of founding Tomchei T’mimim, and apply its vision and values as the centerpiece of the entire curriculum and core being. A Yeshivah where Chassidic values and principles are the core of the fabric of the Yeshivah, fused into its Torah learning, Davening, Curriculum and Farbrengens, etc.



Applications for Shnas Halimudim 5784-5785 are now open

But there are in fact tens of letters and many Farbrengens from the Rebbe, my father in law, where he does make an uproar about Davening, and likewise with the Rebbe Rashab – so what is your excuse that you are not doing anything about your Avodas Hatfilah?!

—The Rebbe

My father stated that he did not establish Tomchei Tmimim to augment Torah study. Torah study was not lacking among Jews. There were Yeshivas. Tomchei Tmimim was created so that those that learn Torah should be Mentchen.

—Frierdiker Rebbe

Pnimyus is the ultimate intent and foundation upon which everything stands. The student’s true desire is for the fulfilment of Mitzvos and Learning Torah to be with a Chayos Pnimi.

—Rebbe Rashab

The Property

The Yeshiva has a beautiful property in Suffield Connecticut, Located on the Connecticut River, between Hartford and Springfield, Massachusetts. Among Suffield’s many charms are her architectural kaleidoscope of homes, sweeping fields and farms, and scenic Congamond Lakes. The yeshiva Campus is a place for a Bochur of today to be fully involved in Avodas Hashem, Learning Nigleh and Chassidus, and Ahavas Yisroel, without needing to worry about anything else.

The space is a ready to use high-end first-class facility – a 135,000 sq. ft. building, situated on 57 Acres, in beautiful Suffield CT., with 900 feet of frontage on the Connecticut river. It includes several large study halls (Zals), 167 dorm rooms, Olympic sized indoor swimming pool, large gym, large library, and more.

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