The Vision of Yeshiva Campus

The new Yeshiva endeavors, with Hashem’s help and the Rebbe’s Brocho, to uncover the Rebbe Rashab’s highly important mission of founding Tomchei T’mimim, and apply this vision and its values as the centerpiece of the entire curriculum and core being. A Yeshivah where Chassidic values and principles will be core of the fabric of the Yeshivah, fused into its Torah learning, Davening, Curriculum and Farbrengens, etc.

As a yeshiva, its main mission will be לימוד התורה on a high academic level. It will be geared to a high achieving Bochur who is interested in broadening his level of learning and deeper understanding. This will be through a unique study regimen, with an ambitious curriculum for Nigleh and Chassidus, with engaging and stimulating shiurim.

However, its focus and intent will not be on the “data” alone,  for simply “acquiring knowledge” or “covering ground”, rather its primary focus will be (Combining) the study of Nigleh and the study of Chassidus with that the Torah they learn should develop them, as expressed by our Rabbeim – “What did Torah you learned teach you?!”

Its Talmidim, sincere bochurim, should be committed to growing and have the capacity and passion for focused learning with Avodas Hashem. A main focus will be on teaching and training the students in Avoda Pnimis, Avoda Shebelev and to foster within them a Connection and a Desire for Hashem.

It will nurture Talmidim in an environment infused with Hiskashrus to the Rebbe.  Hiskashrus is the foundation for the life of a Chosid, as well bringing the love of Torah study and of Mitzvos to a broader spectrum of people – Hafotzas Hama’ayonos and bringing about the coming of Moshiach.

The yeshiva will strive to imbue the Students with Darkei Hachassidus, infusing them with true Chassidic Ahavas Yisroel – “What’s mine is yours, The piece of bread that I have is YOURS just as much as it is mine.” Together with Ahavas Hashem – teaching them to develop a love for Hashem and be in total awe of Hashem’s greatness through learning Chassidus. All of this with a joyous disposition and joy of life.

The Yeshivah will endeavor to develop students who are solidly grounded, Mentchen. To train the students that their conduct must be appropriate for a Chossid in regard to their own lives, as well as to their interpersonal relationships. Creating a Tomchei Tmimim‑like environment, where student feels like a child of the Yeshivah – where the love between the students is remarkable; and where the loyalty and devotion between the students and the administration is to the greatest extent.

The ideal student of this Yeshivah is a Bochur who, in addition to learning Torah and Davening, cares about how to infuse his life with Chassidishe values and how to steadily grow in his Avodas Hashem and Hiskashrus.

The Goal will be to create Happy, well adjusted, Grounded Chassidim with their feet firmly planted in the world, yet with a clear mindfulness towards the mission of creating a Dirah Batchtonim, with a strong Bitul mindset, where true Avodas Hashem should be internalized so that it affects Bittul, bringing about a submission of materialistic instincts and inborn nature, by learning self control and discipline. Training to govern the natural materialistic instincts – Iskafyeh. Learning to be honest – Emes, so that the student knows fully and truthfully where they stand at all times, Nisht Narin zich, Nisht Narin yenem. A Chosid is a Pnimi, who internalizes things and his true desire is that his fulfilment of Mitzvos and Learning Torah should be with a Chayos Pnimi.

The Yeshivah will give expression to the Baal Shem Tov’s path for the knowledge of Hashem and for love of a fellow Jew – Mesiras Nefesh. The students should learn to see things from the perspective that Hashem is the obvious reality, while their own existence, and anything aside from Hashem is a novel perception. this resembles and is a preparation for the situation of the days of Moshiach.

The mission and vision of the Yeshivah and its main focus is firmly based on the original words of the Rabbeim and the goals set forth by the Rebbe Rashab when he founded Tomchei Tmimim in 5657.

The DEAN and MENAHEL of THE YESHIVA CAMPUS will be Rabbi Ben Tzion Bluming

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There are also plan in the works to start a Yeshiva Gedola. Details will follow.
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